Forms and Applications

Village Documents that are available are listed below. If you cannot find the form that you are looking for please call the office at (585) 586-4332.

Please note that all documents that are available for download are in PDF format. These files can be opened by using Adobe Acrobat which can be downloaded for free by going to Adobe.Com

Miscellaneous Documents
Document Views Available
Community Event Form
Pittsford Village Community Events Sign Information
847 Download
Community Benches
Form 1001, Bench Order Form
1700 Download
175th Anniversary Brick Program
Form 1002, Brick Order Form
1679 Download
Bike Rack Program
Form 1003, Bike Rack Order Form
1662 Download
Board of Trustees
Files and forms for the Board of Trustees
Document Views Available
Special Permit Application Form
Issued for restaurants and carry-out restaurants by the Board of Trustees
1286 Download
Architectural Preservation and Review Board
Document Views Available
Application to the Architectural Preservation and Review Board
Form 2001, APRB Application
3553 Download
Application Requirements for the APRB
Form 2002, APRB Application Requirements
1867 Download
Building Permit
Form 3001, Application for Building Permit
2418 Download
Planning and Zoning Board
Document Views Available
Building Permit
Form 3001, Application for Building Permit
2418 Download
Application to the Planning Board
Form 4001, Planning Board Application
2058 Download
Application to the Zoning Board of Appeals
Form 5001, Zoning Board Application
1779 Download
Zoning Board Application Requirements
Form 5002, Zoning Board Application Requirements
3024 Download

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